9 Awe-inspiring gift ideas for a socially conscious Christmas

Looking for gift ideas that feed the soul this holiday season? We’ve got you covered:

  1. The gift of Hey Tiger

If you’ve not treated yourself (and your mates) to the incredible Melbourne born deliciousness that is Hey Tiger, wait no longer. This off-the-charts brand was started by the co-founder of tech marketplace Envato, Cyan Ta’eed, and has turned heads (and taste-buds) every day since.

Ethically sourced & locally made, this chocolate is not only crazy delicious, but invests it’s funding back into communities in West Africa, (where 70% of the worlds cocoa comes from), to combat issues like child labour and child trafficking fueled by the mainstream chocolate industry. You can thank us later for the intro - you will never look back!

Credit:  Hey Tiger

Credit: Hey Tiger

2. Send them (or yourself) Outland Denim

A QLD business with soul. There were no shortage of recent accolades for this QLD born jeans company when the product was donned by Meghan Markle, a well deserved flurry of PR shining the light on this Mt Tamborine success story. The golden child of fashion, Outland Denim is not only environmentally and sustainability oriented, their manufacturing process is the hero of their story - rescuing literally millions of women & young girls from slave labour and sex trafficking, and empowering them with skills, rehabilitation and access to resource. What’s not to love?

3. Post via The Better Packaging Co.

You won’t look back. Reusable, compost friendly post bags, ensuring your goodies arrive both beautifully & sustain-ably You can fall in love with them here.

4. Rubbish Swimwear

Literally. There are multiple, local amazing brands fashioning swimsuits from industrial and post consumer waste. And they’re gorgeous!! A few to take a peek at are: Apicoss; Elle Evans; & Liar

5. Garden goodness via Settler Hives

More than just seeds, Toowoomba’s own Settler Hives takes us back to the beauty of slow living, natural beauty, and appreciation for the small, but ever hardworking bee. Beautifully packaged, their seedlings are not just a gift, but a glimpse into a way of life.

6. Wintering

Reusable food storage never looked so beautiful. Stunning, organic, and handmade in Melbourne, Wintering is the perfect gift for someone wanting to minimise their environmental footprint. Driven by the sadness in hearing that by 2050, there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish, Wintering set out to help people reduce their household plastic consumption. Icing on the cake? They also contribute a % of profits to Berry Street.

7. Earth (and foot) friendly shoes

If you were excited about rubbish swimwear, you’re about to be bowled over by shoes. Sustainable shoes are here, and some great companies are cranking out performance footwear with ethical manufacturing as well as recycled and/or vegan materials. Take a squiz online at NZ born Allbirds, FYE, & Melbourne based VIVO Barefoot

8. A biodegradable yoga mat

Not only are Love Earth creating these beautiful, organic & biodegradable yoga mats, they’re also recycling your old mat, ensuring it gets a second home instead of ending up in landfill.

9. The gift of giving

Anyone else trying to help their kids grasp the concept of giving without expecting this holiday season? A personal favourite for this is Foodbank. Foodbank and so many others are great, as they can accept a cash donation or food items in person - perfect for teaching the kids the art of giving - as it’s easier to grasp (and more dopamine rich) than a straight bank transfer.

Comment below if you’ve got a sustainable brand crush we should know about this Christmas.