What's Your BHAG?

Big. Hairy. Audacious. Goal.

What’s yours?  Put it out there, make it real and let’s hold each other to account.

At The Talent Connective, mine is to leverage my craft of helping organisations to secure the best talent, and through this, to contribute a whopping $1 million to The Hunger Project by 2026. So hairy it’s scary - but in the words of Henry David Thoreau:

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”

The Talent Connective is a partner of The Hunger Project and this business was built on a belief in their mission. Instead of our consulting fees going to shareholders, they go towards ending chronic hunger with micro-finance loans and financial literacy courses in India, Africa and Bangladesh.

This funding is distributed by The Hunger Project who have done extensive work towards their own b.h.a.g.: ending chronic hunger within our lifetime - by 2030.  You can see their incredible progress here: thp.org.au/ 

So here we are... publicly sharing a goal so big, so hairy, so audacious - that the only way is forward, with you keeping us accountable to our brand promise.  We'll keep you updated.


Big Hairy Audacious Goal