Ever spent so long looking in the rear vision mirror you’ve rear-ended the car in front of you?

Twice today I spent so long watching the reversing camera that I had a near miss at the front of my car. Twice.

I know what you’re thinking – remind me to never accept a lift from her. 

Fair assessment.

But by the second time it struck me as a profound analogy, that sometimes we spend so long looking backwards to clearly see what’s right in front of us.  And so true in our careers too. 

Have you ever gone to an interview and spent the whole thing focused on what you’re NOT looking for? Or felt so deflated things aren’t working out at your current job that you bring all that energy into the next meeting?

We have stories that frame our perception. Good & bad. Bosses that were terrible, times we were at the top of our game, wouldn’t it have been amazing if XYZ had just occurred…

I’ve definitely done this. More than once. 

However, amazing things are ahead. If you clear the space for them.

This doesn’t mean skewing reality or distorting the facts. It’s about reframing what things mean to you, so as not to define you.

you swing.png

But preparation is so much more than reading a website and glimpsing LinkedIn profiles.  It’s energetic preparation. Preparedness to leave the stories that don’t serve you at the door.  Because the majority of our communication is in the unsaid. In our body language, our eyes, our tone & pitch.

It’s congruence in your physiology, your speech, your mindset, emotions, your delivery.

Do whatever brings you back to centre before you head in. Exercise. Play a song you love. Meditate. Chant in Sanskrit. Call a mate and get all of your b*tching off your chest so you can come in clear.  

Because here’s the secret.  The person on the other side of the interview desk has an agenda.  Yours. It’s in their interest to see you hit your dream role. Make it as easy as possible for them to see an energetic alignment with their teams & company culture, and leave everything that doesn’t serve you at the door x