Is your online presence aligned with the role you want?

Sometimes, when you’re very good at what you do & immersed in your day to day, things can shift a little in the background & it may not be on your radar.

“Looking” for a job or keeping an eye out is a great example. I think I’ve advertised maybe 5 roles this year (& it’s May!!). I imagine most of my recruiting counterparts feel the same about online ads, and would rather use a myriad of tools & AI for targeted search, to speak straight with who we’re looking for.

With less roles advertised, and more roles coming to people instead of people searching for roles, how do you make sure you’re being considered for the next step? 

My #1 advice is not to curate your CV based on what you think the market wants. What’s advertised is not necessarily reflective of the market. 

Start with what YOU want.

What you really want. The elements of the role you love, the things you want to attract... and then SEO the sh*t (pardon my french) out of your online presence to reflect (with honesty, not inflation), so that you’re approached for what you want, and overlooked for the rest.

Ensure the direction you’re heading is clear in your CV, and that your CV is saved in online repositories like Indeed or Seek. Ensure your LinkedIn profile is aligned. Headhunters will find you via Boolean search, but the platform algorithms are also searching away in the background, sending helpful suggestions to job posters.

Play to the algorithms, they’re on your side.