Snapshots of Uganda

The Talent Connective is a profit-for-purpose business. We make a conscious choice to donate a minimum of 10% of revenue to The Hunger Project, directly helping communities in India, Africa & Bangladesh.

In October 2018 I joined The Hunger Project on their 2030 Leaders trip to Uganda, with 13 fundraisers from around Australia - united in a passion to contribute to the end of chronic, systemic hunger. If you’re not familiar with the work of The Hunger Project, the framework is not short term aid relief, but rather a long term investment in empowering communities impacted by poverty to be source of their own change. Inter-generational poverty is typically alleviated in as little as 10 years in this model - and it’s really something special to be a part of.

A few snippets of magic from the trip were captured by Prue Aja. It was such an incredible trip - a divine experience for the soul that would resonate with anyone who feels truly compelled to contribute to the solution. So much laughter, joy, tears, breakthrough moments, song, & connectedness.

The Talent Connective is such a proud investor in the work of The Hunger Project x