Our Ethical Footprint & The Hunger Project

The Talent Connective is a certified Certified B CorporationⓇ, a new type of business that balances profit with purpose. Our agency was established as a vehicle for social contribution, and we’re now officially part of a global community that champion business as a force for good. We’re proud of our ethical, social and environmental footprint, and pledge to maintain our standards to uphold our B Corp status.

Our Partnership with THP

The Talent Connective is a proud partner of The Hunger Project, an organisation that supports communities in rural Africa, Latin America, India and Bangladesh to harness their capacity to end the chronic, systemic hunger that has become synonymous with their villages. The Hunger Project’s framework is committed to sustainability, empowering people with the skills and access to education & resources to break their own cycle of poverty. On average, communities utilizing THP’s methodology become self-sufficient and free from external aid in 10 years - a relatively short time to overcome systemic, inter-generational poverty.

I come as one, but I stand as ten thousand
— Maya Angelou

We’re a proud investor in THP’s work, and had the privilege of witnessing it first-hand in Uganda in 2018. Since inception, we’ve pledged a minimum of 10% of total revenue to THP and are proud to contribute to ending global hunger.

As it currently stands:

  • 815 million people are hungry worldwide - 8,500 children under five die from hunger every day

  • Most people living in hunger are not from famine but rather chronic, persistent hunger: not having enough of the right kind of food over a long period of time - that‘s the kind of hunger that THP addresses.

  • So far THP have reached 17 million people in remote villages across India, Africa, Bangladesh and Latin America & Trained almost 400,000 local volunteers globally - so every dollar invested has a multiplier affect